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The mission of the BCWG is to serve our members by providing substantial savings and networking opportunities, in order to have a significant financial impact on the bottom line of each member organization.     

The vision of the BCWG is to be a relevant force to our members and our vendor partners. We will achieve this through a commitment to ONENESS, having a single purpose and focus.


  • Collaboration: We value collaboration and a willingness to share best practices with a single purpose of improving the overall strength of the Group.

  • Alignment: We value aligning with each member and Ingram Micro’s principles, knowing that a shared purpose benefits everyone.

  • Integrity: We value “doing the right thing when no one is looking” and creating an environment of honesty and mutual respect.
  • Growth and Stability: We value being fiscally responsible and seeking new product and service opportunities, new resources, and continued operational support.